Our mission

We strongly believe, that the society should count on feminine leadership more intensely. Women have to take their equal share in making decisions, leading companies, take their part in social and economical thinking in order to gain social advantage and make waves in business and commerce.

Feminine economic engagement is not a question of equal opportunities or gender. It is an economic necessity and interest; it is the key to corporate competitiveness. It is a proven fact, that having intuitive women in the decision-making bodies has a positive influence on the collective performance.

The Hungarian PWA sets positive precedents in sharing ideas and knowledge. Being with these women, reaching out to others, we all end up talking about our personal stories and life journeys. The cohesion, operating behind the scenes of PWA, is essential in Hungary nowadays.

We believe in continuous improvement. We are curious about diverse solutions, experience and different approaches not only in social organizations but in companies as well. We do strive for elegant solutions. We act as we speak, and everything we do is coherent. We do believe that we can improve together, make an impact or find solutions by building on each other’s strengths.

At PWA’s yearly conference, on a presentation dinner, PWA recognizes with special awards the „Female Manager of the Year”, the „Female Entrepreneur of The Year” and the „Male Manager of the Year”. These awards also express the objective of PWA: support the economic engagement of women in Hungary, help them to reach their professional career goals and acknowledge those male leaders, who motivate, promote and facilitate feminine leadership.

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