Code of Ethics

 etikai kodex

All members of the PWA are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Association as outlined below.

  1. PWA is a politically and religiously neutral organization. PWA events and community forums should not be used for sharing any extreme religious and political views.
  2. Members shall refrain from discriminatory and /or intolerant behavior towards others – both within the association and in their public conduct. As non-discrimination is a core value in our organization, the PWA shall not tolerate any forms of discrimination based on gender, race, creed, color, language or culture expressed by individual members at any time.
  3. Members shall represent themselves and their credentials, educational background honestly and fairly at all times. Members shall also represent their affiliation with the PWA fairly and honestly. Except for discounts and certain services available through membership, individual members are precluded from accepting gratuities or donations as a PWA Member without full disclosure and prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  4. Members shall not misuse PWA meetings, information, contacts or database. Membership files and database information are the private property of the PWA and should not be used for any unauthorized purpose – including personal promotion or for personal/professional gain.  Meetings are meant to be inclusive to all and to fulfil the goals of the PWA.  They should not be a forum for self-advertisement and promotion except within the accepted and approved guidelines for sharing information already established.
  5. Any PWA member found to be in violation of any provision of the Code of Ethics may have her Association membership suspended or revoked by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.